Port operation

The Port was built in the 1960s as a residual of gravel mining operation from the Danube. The first operator of the port was the River regulating and Gravel Mining Company called „FOKA” where the name is from. The gravel supply of concrete mixer plant was ensured from this harbour during the construction of blocks of flats in the region.

The arrived on barges was forwarded by fixed elevators to the screens and toward to the concrete mixing plant. It functioned as a wintering port, repair workshop of FOKA also operated here. The Hungaricamion established a subsidiary in the 80s to take advantage of potential in RO-RO shipping. It was the beginning of the operation as a public port. Following several changes in the ownership following the privatisation the has been developed the current operation and related infrastructure: loading and unloading of oversized and over weighted goods with mobile cranes.


  • Loading of large goods up to 230 tons.
  • Planning of loading for oversized equipment.
  • Preparation of lifting and loading plans.
  • Planning and production of auxiliary devices lifting beams required for the technology.
  • Supply of lifting devices and staff for the loading operation.


  • 1652+200 fkm, left bank of Danube connected tot he river via 200 long shipping channel.
  • On public road: 1138 Budapest Cserhalom u 2-4.


  • 80 m long vertical embankment,
  • Special lifting locations are ensured for the outrigging of the mobile cranes, dimensioned for 2×500 t mobile cranes..

Number of Terminals:

  • 1 terminal suitable for accommodating 2 ships at the same time.

Loading capacity:

  • Various – mobile cranes (1 or 2) are ensured which suits the parameters of the goods to be loaded,
  • Theoretical calculated capacity 75.000 t/year.

Average annual goods turnover:

  • 6500 t

Török Tamás

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